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TeraExchange: Wall Street Focuses On Bitcoin
BraveNewCoin (12/4/2014)

TeraExchange Selects BitGo for On-Blockchain Collateral Management of First Regulated Bitcoin Derivatives Marketplace
Businesswire (11/3/2014)

TeraExchange speaks at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's Global Markets Advisory Committee Meeting
October 9, 2014

TeraExchange Completes First Bitcoin Derivatives Trade on Regulated Exchange
PR Newswire (10/9/2014)

Launch of First Regulated Bitcoin Derivative
September 12, 2014

TeraExchange is the industry's first and only multi-asset class central limit order book with an all-to-all platform across interest rate, credit and foreign exchange (FX) derivatives for all clearable swaps contracts. It also incorporates "Directed Orders" within the order book, request-for-quote (RFQ) and request-for-market (RFM) trading protocols. As well as its SEF, TeraExchange provides an execution management system, pre-trade credit checking, and broad industry connectivity. 

TeraExchange has been approved to operate as a Swap Execution Facility by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

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